Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Read: The Thief of His Heart

Not every work gets published, not every work fits the guidelines or quality level of publishers, this I know. And while I love getting contracts on works, sometimes and with some stories, they need to be set free. "The Thief of His Heart" is the second free novel released on my website and while it is a little rough around the edges, I think it's a charm filled with cat wickedness.

Some have said why don't you revise it and try to get it published, but like the other free read on my website "An Alpha's Desire" I just didn't want to. Both stories were rejected several times, I'll be the first to admit and while, with some work they might garner me profit, I just didn't want to change them.

Perhaps, I'm impatient or lazy, and after a few pages of reading, maybe the stories are no more than clumsly works in need of a strong critique, but...they're free and they're mine and better luck with the next story getting published, I say.

I have a few works that are looking for contracts now, but even if they fail to, one writer's rule I follow faithfully is : Keep On Writing!

Artwork by P.L. Nunn

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