Friday, February 8, 2013

Rep Your Squad…I Mean Authors

Having seen great memes detailing how you can help an indie (independent) writers, I just want to put the word out that independents aren’t the only ones needing help. To share a bit of personal information, I for one have a mental breakdown when it comes to thinking of promotions. Seriously, it’s like I catch the flu and can do nothing more than rock back and forth as I lament lost opportunities to reserve blog spots, to arrange reviews and well promo in general, whenever I have a new release. Contests however, I tend to be rabid about. Anyway, many of the memes regarding the best way to help your writer buddies give the following advice:

  • Click on the “Like” Button on Amazon for the book and the Author (if you purchased it from the juggernaut)
  • Drop a review on GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc. once you have finished the book
  • Tag the book (if the website you purchased it from has the option)
  • “Like” or join the author’s Facebook page if they have one
  • Friend the author’s Twitter account and retweet announcements regarding their work

    While I’m pretty sure that there are other ways to get the proverbial word out (feel free to list a few in the comments), any sort of recognition by a reader, good or bad is like money…to any author. It’s validation. A true writer (and by no means am I getting on a high horse) is going to write regardless, they can’t help it. It’s addiction. But as a Reader, I know that we can be addicts too and if encouragement can be donated to authors, those who aren’t so good can improve, those who are phenomenal can turn out more and if that brand of manipulation fails…I’m still doing great work for my favorite charity: Writers!!!

    I know a lot of folk tell me: “What if I didn’t like the book?” Ever heard the saying ‘Any publicity is good publicity?’ Well it’s true. Seriously, how many times have I seen a book with 53 one-star ratings or 79 bad reviews and been more than just slightly…curious. 50 Shades of Gray…that’s all I’m gonna say on the matter.

    So taking my self out of the equation, I find I have to revisit my policy on never reviewing any writers in my genre. I do read some paranormal erotica, some romance, not a lot mind you but I do read a few per year between numerous horror fiction, bio and eco thrillers and hard core space operas. Anyway as I go back through my Goodreads listing of books read, I vow to hunt down and ‘Like’ every author that I’ve read. While I may not write a review for everyone, I certainly vow to try and do so in the future. It’s not like I don’t know all the hard work writers put into a publication, so it’s almost especially douchey for me to expect reviews on my work and not put out myself.

    I don’t have to speak much more on all the hard work that authors pour into their keyboards, the hours and the seclusion, I’m pretty sure that readers kinda know but I am making my own stand, my own personal campaign for Rep’ing the Authors, not just the ones you can’t get enough of but even the ones who cause you to wonder if they own a Thesaurus. A lot of my friends know that I am a rabid fan of Neal Asher (seriously, the cops would be eyeing me hard if I ever went to a book signing of his). I buy his books even the ones that I have to get imported from the U.K., liked his FB page, follow his blog, website and shout him out on any and every venue I can. If he were to announce that he was broke and needed donations, I would be among the first to throw money that man’s way, anything so he will crank out another book! In effect, I am sorta like his promo squad…but then readers can do that. They have that power and it doesn’t take much.

    The next time you as a reader survey your vast library, stocked bookshelves and piles of coveted works, think about it. A little support goes a long way :D

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