Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Author Interview: Yvette Hines

Neurosis aside or beside, I was trolling the internet one day and stumbled onto an announcement for a different kind of event- a single author convention. A multi-published, successful fiction author by the name of Yvette Hines was having her own personal convention. It was to be a one day event in celebration of her upcoming release, “Pleasuring the Queen.” Floored, I had never heard of such a thing and I was intrigued. Sure, I knew about release parties and showcases but a convention with a book discussion and other fun events with the actual author? Nope, I had never heard of it. But I couldn’t help but admit that there were a couple of authors and artists whom I would sell unborn children for the opportunity to attend such an event for. So, I was intrigued and wanted to know more.

“A Day with Yvette Hines” promised not only intimate author reader discussions, but meals, giveaways, games and prizes. And as I read over the description, I think what caught me most was the personal connection she could make to and with her readers. Now I have been to massive conventions and I have stood in line, sat in the front row, got a book signed, and maybe even hung out for a few minutes with an author…but sitting around with the author, dissecting a book and reviewing one author’s catalog, were nothing I had ever done. I fell in love with the idea and was so thrilled by the event that I wanted to attend myself! While I was not able to, Yvette was as gracious as she was innovative, having extended an invitation for authors to submit swag for her guest bags!

A few months later, I was on Facebook and Yvette had put up pictures from the event. Still fascinated with the possibilities for such a venue, I decided to interview Ms. Yvette Hines after the competition of her event, not solely because it is something that I would love to do in the future but because it might be something other authors are interested in as well: _____________________________________________

Can you give a brief description of your event:

  • My event consisted of people who are readers of mine. That part was very important to me. Because in discussing my past and current book I wanted people who have truly been following my growth as a writer. It was kept small so I would be able to chat and meet each one of them.

    When and how did you know you were ready to sponsor your own author event?

  • When I was getting repeated emails from readers wanting to meet me at different events, but just was not interested in spending a lot of money for a BIG conference. So, I decided to put feelers out there. My aim was 20. If 20 readers wanted to spend the day with me then I would do it. When I got that in the first week, it was no turning back.

    Have you done mass writer’s conventions in the past?

  • Yes. I do about four of them every year for different genres.

    Did you have help planning your event?

  • I have a promotions manager.

    What was the hardest part about planning your event?

  • Not buying out the store. The readers had me so excited I wanted to do everything and give them everything. I just felt so honored.

    How did you advertise your event? Did you start with your mailing list and work outward?

  • I went to my reader group first and saw how many signed up. Then created a webpage and posted the link on FB for people who wanted to attend to contact me. That’s it.

    Did you plan the event around a new release?

  • Yes. A significant release. Shocking my own self I was inspired to write an erotic I/R Sci-fi. So, I wanted to get feedback before my release. What better way than from readers who got an advanced copy?

    How did you decide on the schedule of events?

  • I took into consideration having fun with the readers. Things they’d asked me about in the past and then ways I could give back to them. Fun, gifts/prizes and getting to know the author (me).

    What if any difficulties did you have planning the event?

  • Registration. Because I allowed people to be on the list first. I did a lot of chasing people down for registration…that was exhausting. I closed out other readers because I’d reached my number of attendees by the list, which wasn’t fair. Next time I will just go straight to registration.

    What if any difficulties did you have during the event?

  • None. It went smooth as butter.

    Did you have a conductor/moderator or staff to assist you during the event?

  • Two, my promotions manager and another author who was in the area and gave of her time incognito.

    Did you solicit or receive promotional items from other authors?

  • Tons. My theory is that we (authors) are all in this together. We share a lot of the same readers. This is not a competition and the readers benefit by getting info on other authors so why not give it to them?

    What if any items, gifts or memorabilia did the attendees receive?

  • Things they can use. That is what I will tell other authors. When you are the host author give them a something they can use; that doesn't always mean stuff with your name or website on it.

    Did you provide for meals and refreshments?

  • Breakfast refreshments, (fruit, juice and pastries) and a full lunch.

    What sort of panels, entertainment or activities did you have?

  • No panels. Readers don’t want authors to sit at a table for questions and answers. So, I had one hour devoted to local authors and we played games with them that would help readers get to know them.

    How did you decide on the cost of your event?

  • I stuck to what they got; book, t-shirt, food. That was it on what I charged them for. I was not in this to make money so anything above that cost (swag and gifts) I paid out of my own pocket. I also kept it to a time that gave some people the option of driving in and driving out and not having to pay hotel cost if they could manage it.

    Are you planning to make your event an annual affair?

  • Oh, noooo. LOL. It is a lot of work. I would never be able to write if I did this every year. However, it will be done every other year. Next one, 2014.

    If you could give advice to other writers what would it be?

  • Think of the readers. This is not you stepping in being a “Big Shot Author”, but be relatable. With FB, readers can connect pretty close with give them that connection when they come to your event. Some of them travel across country to meet you for a few hours, don’t slight them.

    Bio: Amazon Best Selling Author. I'm simply Yvette Hines, some people call me SASSE or SASSE Yvette. I'm an erotica author that loves pleasurable hours between the sheets; whether it is a blended tale of interracial lovers, the clandestine bite and wicked passion of paranormal mates, out of this world soul-mates or the sting of a commanding whip against tender flesh. Even better, make my day and toss in two gorgeously, decadent men who only want to pleasure their woman. I write Short and Sexy, Sensual Erotica (SASSE) for ALL women.

    Yvette’s Website:

    Check Out Yvette's New Release!


    SASSE Sheets said...

    Thank you Mya for an amazing interview. :)

    'Cilla said...

    I'll be at the next event.. Wonderful article Mya.

    Yvette, you are Amazing ((Hugs))

    Unknown said...

    It was a wonderful conference. Looking forward ti 2014.

    Aliyah Burke said...

    Wonderful event and great interview, Yvette! Can't wait until 2014!
    Happy reading,
    ~Aliyah Burke

    Nikki said...

    Amazing event! Felt like I not only know you but I understand why you write. Like you said, relatable! Can't wait til next time!

    Mya said...

    Woot. Yvette, if not 2013, then you best start planning for 2014 :D

    Unknown said...

    Great interview, Yvette and Mya! It was an absolutely fun event. I have to steal some ideas from it. ;)

    Unknown said...

    great interview. I will gladly go to the next one. Bridget, now is your turn.

    Lexx said...

    I was one of Yvette's fans and readers who attended and I had a wonderful time. It was the first time I have ever attended a book on this scale, and I flew in from Miami just to attend, and even stayed a few extra days. Made some great friends in which our common bond is the love of the IR genre and the authors who write these books. This setting was more intimate and personal, and I think because Yvette actually interacts with her readers on a personal level prior to this convention made it as successful as it was. Based on my experience, I look forward to participating in more of these events if more authors do them and getting to know the authors who create these wonderful stories. I especially look forward to the "reunion" in 2014.